Agri Curtains

Double roll up system for cross ventilated, tunnel ventilated and natural  ventilated dairy facilities.


 Quality products and over 28 years of experience to deliver superior curtain ventilation on Agricultural Buildings.   

 Keder style curtains use an aluminum extrusion roll bar and are a multi directional system made from a 18 oz. semi transparent or white material . Both have performed well in all our Wisconsin weather conditions. This type of curtain can be installed in a variety of desired operations. The picture shown allows the top 3 feet of curtain to be your main source of ventilation all winter. The bottom can be rolled up for cross and tunnel ventilation, both  with manual roller gearbox drives or low voltage motors with thermostat controls. In most cases, we can run lengthy curtains to reduce the quantity of wind pockets for less chance of draft and snow penetration.

  For wind brace options, a pipe option is shown but other methods are available such as rope or lashing straps to your preference. Also a choice of pvc coated bird barrier can be used behind curtains for bird deterrent and extra curtain support.

  There are many ways to operate this type of system going from manual roller gearbox drives, cable and winches, electric motors, and thermostat/manual switch controlled electric motors.

  This type of curtain is the most rodent proof and low maintenance on the market today. A clean opening at all times is required for flawless operations and many years of service. Exterior weed control is mandatory for this to function properly along with all other types of curtains.

    You will find our curtain all over the state and surrounding states for many types of animals from: Cattle, horses, pigs, mink, and even huskies. Perhaps even an occasional pavilion and woodshed.






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 -Traditional cable drive systems also are very functional and installed to be stored for summer if not in use. Rolling up with manual gear box drives or manual hand brace will provide many years of use. Motorized operation is also possible for this option as well.


 -Feed alley curtains we install to roll up so feed does not build up. These also help keep blowing snow from entering the structure.  


 -Parlor curtains or divider curtains can be either motorized or manual operation and constructed from 22 oz. material.


 -Center roll curtains